Enjoying the Time I Waste

You guys miss 80s hair bands?

Sometimes I do. Like when I’m at home on a Friday, drinking beer all alone, with no plans to do anything else. It’s nights like tonight that some glam metal can really set the mood in Apt. 104.

I was looking around the MySpaces earlier and came across a band called Drugdealer Cheerleader. You know I’m always a sucker for a band with a cool name, so I dug a little deeper. One of the first things I saw was this two-and-a-half-year-old quote from some ‘zine called “Classic Rock Magazine”: “Pyrotechnic riff dealers from London who sound like some gasoline-swilling super group made up of a couple of Backyard Babies, half of UFO, and Angus Young's penis.”

I don’t really know what Angus Young’s penis sounds like, but I can attest to the fact that Drugdealer Cheerleader cop a couple of riffs from classic ACDC. But there’s also more than a little bit of early Motley Crue, early Poison, Skid Row, and a lot of other Sunset Blvd. bands from that era.

What’s cool is that Drugdealer Cheerleader doesn’t come from L.A. They’re actually from London, where there seems to be some kind of hair metal renaissance going on. Front man Hilda and drummer Ringo (yes, Ringo - and first names only for the gentlemen of DDCL) met while they were at university together. They played together in a couple of bands that ended up going nowhere and were busy “selling their souls” in a cover band when they met guitarist Jay. DDCL have gone through several bass players and are currently working with a rotation of Laney and Bertie.

Drugdealer Cheerleader has defined their sound by playing the music they loved. “We wanted to take the influence from music that we’d always liked,” Ringo said. “Give it our own sound, a sound of today rather than a retro thing.”

If you’re in any sort of mood for classic 80s-era sorta rock, you’ll dig these guys. Check ‘em out on MySpace, and their latest release, Enjoy The Time You Waste, along with a couple of older EPs, is available at eMusic.

Britain’s Great.mp3
Ms. LaPish.mp3

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