Box Car Wino

Shifting gears again (which is what MP3 blogging at its best should be about anyway) to introduce you to an early 90’s SoCal punk/blues band called Box Car Wino.

You don’t really hear the words “punk” and “blues” together too often, but that’s how this Costa Mesa, Calif., quartet described themselves. When Wino first got together, Orange County punks the Adolescents, as well as the Descendents and early Metallica were a big influence on them. It was after Nolan Thomas joined that Box Car Wino went in a more bluesy direction.

Unhappy with the new direction, a couple of the original members left, leaving Thomas, Chris Patton (bass) Landon Jackson (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Kelly Heard (drums). At that point, Box Car Wino changed their name to Greenhouse.

Patton and Heard would leave the band soon after, replaced by members more punk-oriented, bringing the band to that perfect blues/punk balance, and bringing back the original Box Car Wino name.

At this point, Box Car Wino is inactive, although Thomas is still recording and plans to release an album this summer. There is also talk of a possible Box Car Wino reunion.

Don’t Give Me No Lip.mp3

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At 7:13 PM , Blogger brian said...

I know this band and its members well and Cris Patton did not play bass much for them. Rich Zadel who is in the pic (aka The Bald God) on the left did. Kelly played drums for a brief time. They all have been friends from high school in and away from school and played at a club night I promoted at the Thunderbird in Newport Beach headlining the first Friday night a Quicksilver party during the Us Open and OP Pro contests. They music was on Quicksilver;s surf video Cheap & Deep and Deep and think that name came from the Wino;s. All of these guys are very talented musicians and good people.

At 12:42 PM , Blogger info said...

Yeah thats a picture of Rich Zaydel, Landon Jackson, Jeff Law and Nolan Thomas.
Met Landon and Rich right after Box Car Wino ended back when they made Simplex with members of Evasive Action. Brock Diamond wrote the songs and sang and Brent Bowers played drums. They gave us their drink tickets for helping move their stuff in, plus snuck us in the show for free. Saw the guys in Harms Way also. Good fuckin bands. Good guys even though they are from the OC.

-Roadie Dan


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