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When I start getting “second notice” emails from artist reps, I know it’s been much, much too long since I’ve dug into my mailbox. The sort of things that say, “Hey, I sent you some music. Have you listened to it? Do you like it? Are you still alive?”

To those hard working people I apologize. I’m not purposely ignoring you. It’s just that things get backed up and when they get backed up, that makes me want even less to look at them. I’m sure anyone with a job can relate. Add to that the fact that, even after almost two years of this, I still can’t find a way to do these posts that’s A) easy for me; and B) gives the reader the information they need so they can make an informed choice about the band. So I take the easiest route and procrastinate.

I’m going to try this new format for this new music. I swiped the genre and influence tags from each band’s respective MySpace page. Sample the MP3s – if you like what you hear, go to their site for more info / music.


Rock / Progressive / Alternative
From: Glen Cove, NY
Influences: Live, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, and Blink 182, among many others...
Band MySpace
Loss for Words.mp3


Meho Plaza
Noisy, frenetic, underground-rock
From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Influences: Los Angeles
Band MySpace
I Sold My Organs.mp3


Robert Church and the Holy Community
Indie / Pop
From: Stockholm/Norrköping, Sweden
Influences: Roland Engdahl, Dreamtheater, Sahara Hotnights
Band MySpace
Sunday Love.mp3


Nicholas Markos
Rock / Powerpop / Pop
From: Chicago, Ill.
Sounds Like: Oasis, The Killers, Paul Weller, Pete Townshend.
Band MySpace
Pinball Wizard (Who cover).mp3


The Odd Fiddler
From: via Sweden to East LDN, UK
Sounds Like: Charming Pop with loads of Naivety/ Desperation/ Frustration/ Depression
Band MySpace
They Didn’t Even ‘Slightly’ Lose Their Minds.mp3


Fear Of Music
Alternative / Indie / Rock
From: Manchester, UK
Sounds Like: Pixies, Muse, Sonic Youth, Placebo.
Ropes Out of Sheets.mp3


The Sweet Serenades
Rock / Powerpop / Indie
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Influences: The Boss, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon
Band MySpace
First Taste of Trouble.mp3

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