I'm in Miami, Bitch!

In my email today, I got one of the funniest videos/songs I've seen/heard in some time. I only hope that it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and I'm not having a good time at someone else's expense. Not that that's ever stopped me before.

I don't post a lot of videos here, but LMFAO does not have an album out, and most of their music seems to be limited to a couple of mixtapes. I really do not know much at all about this duo, other than they're from California and earlier this year they had a blog-o-rific song called "Yes."

LMFAO's latest(?) is a tribute to my local area, appropriately titled "I'm in Miami Bitch." If you feel the need to buy this or any other LMFAO music, head over to their MySpace, where there are a small handful of tracks available for purchase. You can also pick up your official LMFAO gear there.

Check out this video, which I hear was temporarily "banned" from YouTube. Make sure you stick around for the last few seconds after the song stops. It's worth the price of admission.



At 4:23 PM , Blogger Q said...

BIG THANKS for all your support in 2008...

Go to WWW.LMFAONEWS.COM to see a special gift from REDFOO & SKY BLU...

THE OFFICIAL "I'm In Miami Bitch" video uncensored.....


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