How Dirty Girls Get Clean

On her MySpace space, Courtney Love has posted a couple of new songs – things I believe she co-wrote with Linda Perry and/or Billy Corgan. The songs are rough versions; demo-type things, but if they’re indicative of the music that’s going to be on her new album, it should be a great disk.

One song in particular that I really, really liked was “Sunset Marquis.” It’s a haunting demo, recorded with just vocals and piano, and lyrics such as “I can tell this is a dark night of my soul / And I’m too old to be this lost / And I'll be thankful if I'm breathing when you leave / Oh baby, you weren't worth the cost.”

Courtney’s 2006 memoir, Dirty Blonde, includes an apology note addressed to both her husband and daughter, written on letterhead from the Sunset Marquis: “I love you. Please forgive me. ... You are both too beautiful for me. I love you forever.”

There’s two other new songs on Courtney’s MySpace: “Whose Porno You Burn,” which is not mentioned (at least by that name) as a potential track for her upcoming album; and “Dirty Girls,” also a Love/Perry/Corgan collaboration. NME called the song a “hard rocking autobiographical...and ‘totally indulgent’ tour de force.” They wrote that the biggest surprise, though, is “that it’s all brilliant.” It’s also the only downloadable track on the page.

Courtney Love’s second solo disk, tentatively titled Nobody’s Daughter, is due for release sometime this year.

Along with the new track, I’ve also posted a version of Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right,” which comes from a November 1994 Hole show at the Hollywood Palladium, in Hollywood, Calif.

Dirty Girls.mp3
You Know You’re Right (live).mp3

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At 1:34 PM , Blogger David Lindqvist said...

Thanks for sharing this, great stuff. Good to see some love for Courtney, sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who actually liked her solo album.


At 9:29 PM , Blogger alain said...

Who's Porno You Burn is an old Hole song. I've had it for years.


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