"Saturday night is when you sin"

I thought I was all special and everything, getting a copy of “1492,” the new Counting Crows single. Then I found out the Crows issued the single yesterday, as a free download on their Web site.

I decided to go ahead and post “1492” anyway, because I think it’s a pretty good song and I like the concept behind the new album, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings. “Saturday night is when you sin and Sunday is when you regret,” singer Adam Duritz explained. “Sinning is often done very loudly, angrily, bitterly, violently.”

“1492” is the from the "Saturday Night" part of the album – a rocker unlike what I had come to expect from the Crows. Like everyone else back in the early ‘90s, I had a copy of August and Everything After, Counting Crows’ debut. The songs were a little poppy for my usual taste, but they were all right for when the girls came over. The huge hit “Mr. Jones” kind of set the bar for me as far as what I expected from the band: Catchy tunes, but mainly adult contemporary-type pop music. Once August ran its course, the Crows kind of went off my radar.

Saturday Nights, due out March 25, is Counting Crows first new release in five years. Gil Norton, who has worked with the Foo Fighters and the Pixies, produced the album’s rock half, which I think you will enjoy. You can save the mellow stuff for when the girls are coming over.


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