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If you live in the Midwest – well, actually, if you live anywhere north of Central Florida – you’re going to laugh at me, but damn if it ain’t a little chilly here tonight. As a matter of fact, wind chill may push the temperatures down toward freezing. There’s even a possibility we could break the record for coldest Jan. 2, set back in 1898 when temps dropped to 38 degrees. For the record, we’re at 48 as I write this.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing warms the cockles like some punk rock. And lately, punk’s been a little bit sparse around these parts. A while back I chanced across (at emusic) a compilation titled Where the Bad Boys Rock, Vol. 2. I only had enough downloads at the time to get half of the two disk set, but that was enough to sate my taste for some raunchy punk/glam/psychobilly/what-have-you.

Bad Boys was released in 2003 on the People Like You label, home to, among others, Texas Terri Bomb, the Meteors, and the Whisky Rebels.

For my first post of 2008, I picked a couple of the bands I liked best from the disk I have – disk 2 of the set. Included here are Washington, D.C.-based Adam West; the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (pictured to the left ), whose singer, Wednesday 13, was a member of the Murderdolls for a couple of years; Norwegian glam-punks the Trashcan Darlings; and, from Brooklyn, not Seattle, Joe Coffee.

Deuce (Kiss cover).mp3 Adam West
Planet of the Apes.mp3 Frankenstein Drag Queens
So Whore.mp3 Trashcan Darlings
Stink of Love.mp3 Joe Coffee

If you like what you hear here, check out the bands’ individual Web sites; many of them have more music you can have for free. Or you could just not be cheap and go buy their records!!

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