Big Day Out with Hole

I was looking things over and realized it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted up any live music. So I dug around the back shelves of my hard drive and came up with this 1999 performance from Hole.

Say what you will about the widow Cobain – at one point she was even more of a train wreck than Britney Spears – Hole could rock. Pretty on the Inside is as grunge/punk as anything from that era and came before the “Kurt wrote their songs” conspiracies. I think there might even be some irony in that Courtney Love would occasionally goof around live and sing a couple of the lines from Britney’s “...Baby One More Time.”

Courtney and her band released Celebrity Skin in late 1998, and promptly went out on tour in support of the album. The tour kicked off in Australia, then Hole and Marilyn Manson were supposed to continue together in the U.S. for several dates. I had tickets to see them on their Houston, Tex., stop in early 1999. After Hole left the tour, Ticketmaster surprisingly offered a refund, so I gave my tickets back. I wasn’t much of a Marilyn Manson fan in those days and didn’t care to see him. In retrospect, though, it probably would have been a good show.

In May 1999, Hole played a much smaller venue in Houston, with Imperial Teen as the opening act. I did get to see them there and really enjoyed the show. It was much cooler to see Hole in a relatively intimate theater as opposed to the basketball arena where they were supposed to have appeared with Manson.

Today’s post is from one of the first shows on that tour: The Big Day Out Festival in Sydney, Australia. According to the info I have, this show was recorded Jan. 24, 1999.

Pretty on the Inside.mp3
Heaven Tonight.mp3
Miss World.mp3
Doll Parts.mp3
Boys on the Radio.mp3
She Walks Over Me.mp3
Northern Star.mp3
Paradise City (Guns ‘N’ Roses cover).mp3
Celebrity Skin.mp3

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At 6:12 PM , Blogger Alex said...

Thanks - I thought I was the only person who found some merit in Hole...

I like the GNR cover, too.

At 11:15 PM , Blogger Nazz Nomad said...

I always liked Courtney. The kid had some spunk. Of course, spunk left to marinate too long apparently becomes insanity.

At 9:06 PM , Blogger lou jones said...

as a fan of hole, it really sucks that you didn't get to see them in 1994. super super rockin' and fun. clove was pretty fucked up, but only when she stopped playing. with the guitar in her hand, and a mic at her face, she was unstoppable rock energy. and that was a small theatre tour. just so you know: missing manson means you missed nothing. he's a moron. he thought it was "cool" to have a pseudo-SS (as in Nazi) stage design complete with HEIL! HEIL! moments.


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