Bitch is Back

A little more than a year ago, I posted some music by an LA-area metal band called Bitch. In my usual rambling style, I wrote a little about the band, then said they had disbanded in 1993.

Yesterday, I’m checking my email and see that Betsy Bitch herself has taken a look at my little blog and dropped a comment on my year-old post. “Bitch has never ‘disbanded’,” she wrote.

I was pretty stoked to get noticed by a real rock star (“Take my music down” isn’t really the kind of attention I count), so I wanted to get in touch with her and find out what’s going on with Bitch.

People give me crap about having a MySpace space, but we’re about to see that it comes in handy. I Googled Betsy and learned that she has a MySpace, also. So I dropped her a note, apologizing for my error and asking her what was up with her band.

“My original drummer Robby Settles and I recently re-formed the band with two new guitar players, Steve Kara and Jay Dean, and a new bassist, Steve Gaines,” Betsy wrote me back. “We are about to embark on recording a new E.P. shortly. All of the material is written and we're going into the studio soon. Prior to that, we played some warm-up gigs locally just to get the feel of playing live together.

“A couple of years ago, the original line up (with the exception of a new bassist) played The Bang Your Head Festival in Germany to about 15,000 people with bands such as Dio, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Thin Lizzy, Y&T, etc. It was an awesome experience.”

Betsy also provided me with Bitch’s MySpace, where you can stream some metal. Unfortunately, I do not have any digital versions of any Bitch songs; the original post came from vinyl. As a result, we’re going to have to go tuneless tonight. But check out Bitch’s MySpace, look for the new disk, and check out this video of their 1983 classic, “Be My Slave.”

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