NYE with Social D

Happy New Year! Or New Year’s Eve if you happen to see this before midnight. I think I’m sticking around Apt. 104 tonight. I don’t need to be out on the streets with all those amateur drunk drivers behind the wheels of their SUVs, glassy eyes straining to see the numbers on their cell phones as they drive into oncoming traffic.

Last year a Cuban family invited me to their house and I learned a couple of new traditions. At midnight we ate 12 frozen grapes – one for each month of the year. This was supposedly for good luck. I must have done something wrong because 2007 didn’t really work out the way I would have had it. This year I’m just gonna ride the wave and see what happens. I’m making no resolutions or predictions. I think I’ll just close my eyes and jump.

Anyway, tonight’s music comes along like one of those Christmas gifts you hid and forgot about, then you find while cleaning up.

Every December since 1990, Los Angeles radio station KROQ has an “Almost Acoustic Christmas” show. Bands show up and give a more or less acoustic performance. This (non-acoustic) Social Distortion recording is from the 2004 show. Since it was recorded as part of a Christmas program, I had intended to post it during the flurry of Christmas posting last week. Somehow, though, the folder got separated from the others and it didn’t get posted. But that’s all right because I was racking my brain trying to think what would be a good New Year’s Eve post. Coincidentally, Social D was also one of the featured bands at that debut show back in 1990.

When the Angels Sing.mp3
Reach for the Sky.mp3
Ring of Fire.mp3
Under My Thumb.mp3
Mommy's Little Monster.mp3
Ball & Chain.mp3
Highway 101.mp3
Bad Luck.mp3
Story of My Life.mp3
(NOTE: track 5, "Mommy's Little Monster," has been added. I may have already been into the champagne when I posted on New Year's Eve.)

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At 8:39 PM , Blogger HCJoel said...

Thanks for this set. It seems to be missing the fifth part, though. Is it kicking around somewhere?

At 7:05 PM , Blogger aikin said...

the track is up now - I somehow just skipped it when I was doing the post!


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