I was kind of torn about whether to post something new or something old tonight. After weighing all consideration, I decided to go with the new stuff. Part of my decision was I noticed all the cool blogs have music up by new(er) bands and I didn’t want to feel like the dorky kid no one wants to play with.

The meXicolas are a trio from Birmingham, in the U.K. NME says they have “super sized QOTSA slashing riffs and gargantuan choruses,” although singer Jamie Evans says, “We listen to bands like QOTSA, Smashing Pumpkins and Chili Peppers. If those are our influences, we’re definitely going to sound heavier. But immediately people typecast you in Britain. We’re not trying to be a US band but we like US music.”

Here’s a quick meXicolas bio: Evans had fronted several bands throughout the U.K. before deciding to settle down in his hometown of Huddersfield and put his own band together. He had heard about a drummer named Tim Trotter, who was living and playing in South Africa, but planned to relocate back to England. Once Trotter moved back, he and Evans met up and began playing together. Evans then began casting about for a bass player and found Del Carter, who had been playing with various bands in the Midlands. Evans was sufficiently impressed with Carter to invite Carter to jam with him and Trotter. The three clicked and the meXicolas were born.

The meXicolas’ debut disk, X, is due out Feb. 11 on In Exile Records. Their U.K. tour kicks off on Feb. 15, including a Feb. 23 show with The Cult.

For more info about tour dates or about the meXicolas, check out their MySpace space. In the meantime, enjoy a couple of songs from their upcoming disk.

Come Clean.mp3
Lovers Are Not Enemies.mp3

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