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Man, this cold is kicking my butt. Right now I’m loopy on a cocktail of Sudafed, Airborne, and Halls. Being the trooper I am, though, I’ve dragged my laptop over to the couch and will post a couple of things for you good people.

I think I’ll make the “Music From My Mailbox” a semi-regular feature around here. Maybe every other Sunday, depending how much music I get. I appreciate those who send me tunes and I don’t want anyone to think they’re being ignored, but by the same token, my inbox isn’t really being deluged with stuff. BTW, if you want to send some music, send it to e0a8198 at yahoo dot com.

Again, I’ll set the respective Web sites do the talking as I know not too much about the bands.

Lou Reed & Nanking

Lou Reed has been known to be intensely moved by historical and international events and conflicts. Just recently, Reed composed and recorded two brand new songs – “Gravity” and “Safety Zone” – both inspired by the soon-to-be released film “Nanking” – a powerful and relevant documentary that tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China, in the early days of World War II. It is an emotional reminder of the heartbreaking toll that war takes on the innocent, and a testament to the courage and conviction of a few individuals determined to act in the face of evil.
Stream both songs here.

The Devil Makes Three

The Devil Makes Three has spent the past five years mixing styles from the ragtime and country music of the twenties and thirties to the rock and roll and punk music of their adolescence, pushing the boundaries of acoustic music in the Pacific Northwest since they arrived from their native Vermont in 2002. Based in Davis, Calif., this trio of Pete Bernhard (vocals/guitar), Cooper McBean (guitar/banjo/vocals), and Lucia Turino (upright bass) has built a passionate fan base known for both their live performances and their self-released CDs.
Old Number Seven.mp3

Tera Melos

Formed in 2004, Tera Melos is a three-piece from Sacramento, Calif. Where most bands only claim to “bloom artistically” or “become more experimental,” Tera Melos’ growth and experimentation are constantly apparent – even tangible.
Nathan Latona (bass) and Vince Rogers (drums) start and stop with a precision that could control traffic, the perfectly precise rhythmic background for Nick Reinhart’s (guitar, programming) progressive songwriting. Reinhart’s technical abilities – the two-handed fretboard tapping, the neck-encompassing riffs – are augmented by his pedal work. He’s constantly sampling his guitar between bolts of delay, fuzz, and a battery of warp-sounds that explode from either side of the stage.

Guy Vs. DC Sniper.mp3

Admiral Twin

Formed in 1996, Admiral Twin has released five CDs to date, including 2000s critically praised Mock Heroic on Mojo/Universal Records. (Unfortunately for the band, Mock Heroic was released just months before the demise of the record label. Ouch.) Since 1998, the band has performed for well over 500,000 concertgoers all across North America...usually mostly clothed. Admiral Twins latest CD, Creatures of Bread & Wine, once again showcases this Oklahoma-based pop-rock trio’s amazing knack for consistently catchy, intelligent songwriting, as well as rock solid musicianship, stellar harmonies, and the wildly inappropriate use of small farm animals for interesting “sound textures.”
In My Veins.mp3

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At 5:06 PM , Blogger utterlylinda said...

I love the Admiral Twin song! Your bio (through no fault of your own) is a bit out of date though. "In My Veins" is from their recently released CD "Center of the Universe". All of the superlatives still apply and then some. Although they no longer employ the use of small farm animals for sound texturing. They now use large farm animals, and small exotic zoo creatures. One must progress positively, you know. If you like "In My Veins" give "Good As Gold" and "Big Black Car" a try. You can find them at iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc but I think the best deal is to order the whole CD right from www.admiraltwin.com. No I'm not a band member, just a big fan.

At 11:11 PM , Blogger Mars said...

And I like that Tera Melos track! Kinda like Tortoise in US Maple drag.


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