Jack White at the Garden Bowl

After I posted up a couple of live Jack White tracks the other day, reader Jennifer was the only person to drop a note saying she would like to hear the rest. That leads me to assume one of the following must be true: 1) No one cares to hear anymore Jack White; 2) People skimmed the post thinking, “Blah, blah, blah, where's the music?”; or 3) The rest of you were too shy to leave a comment.

Based on the hits the post got, I'm assuming option one isn't true. Therefore, I can only guess most of you were too shy to leave a comment saying, “Yes, post the Jack White.” But thanks to Jennifer I'm going to. So at least leave a comment thanking her.

I know nothing about this show except it was recorded at the Garden Bowl in Detroit, on March 6, 2001. Also I read that the Garden Bowl claims to be America’s oldest active bowling center.

In consideration to that, along with the fact that a cold is laying me low this weekend, I’m going to forego my usual rambling and get right to the music.

Hotel Yorba.mp3
Rated X.mp3
Cold Brains.mp3
I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman.mp3
Fragile Girl.mp3
Dyin’ Crapshooter’s Blues.mp3
Black Jack Davey.mp3
You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket.mp3
Who’s to Say.mp3
We’re Going to be Friends.mp3
The Same Boy You’ve Always Known.mp3
Baby Blue.mp3

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At 5:57 PM , Blogger jon said...

i tried to leave a commnet but my internet connection died.

they are weird about me paying the bill...corporate $ hungry a-holes!

thanksf or the post.

At 12:12 AM , Blogger jyanich said...

Awesome post! from a huge White Stripes Fan... let me know if you are aware of any video of this set floating around the net.

At 10:36 PM , Blogger Carl said...

thank you!!!


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