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Wow! Why didn’t someone tell me I’m the only person here who likes Rockpile? Yesterday’s post was the fewest hits I’ve gotten in awhile. On the other hand, I do like the band and it is my blog. So whattaya gonna do?

So let’s see how things go today. I recently found a Soundgarden sort-of boot titled Fresh Deadly Rarities. I say “sort-of” because I think all of these recordings were officially released at some point as B-sides, import tracks, or on various EPs. It consists of a bunch of cover tunes and some other things that didn’t make it onto the full-length albums.

Earlier this year, Chris Cornell told the Starplus News Blog that these songs may eventually see the light of day as a formal release, but he’s leaving that up to guitarist Kim Thayil. “I've left that in Kim’s world, because Kim had always talked about wanting to be in charge of doing, like, a box set or a B-sides album,” he said. “That was something that he had mentioned years ago, and I’m sure at some point he will want to do it.”

Some quick Soundgarden information, compiled from the band’s Wiki entry:
Soundgarden was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell (drums & vocals) and Hiro Yamamoto (bass), and was later joined by Kim Thayil (guitar). Thayil had moved to Seattle from Park Forest, Ill., with Yamamoto and Bruce Pavitt, who would later start Sub Pop Records. The band named themselves after a wind-channeling pipe sculpture, “The Sound Garden,” located in Magnuson Park, Seattle.

Soundgarden’s final performance was a February 9, 1997, show in Honolulu, Hawaii. There, after being plagued with equipment problems, Ben Sheperd threw his bass into the air in frustration and stormed off the stage. Cornell returned to conclude the show with a solo encore. Two months later, April 9, Soundgarden officially announced they were disbanding.

Regarding a future Soundgarden reunion, Chris Cornell stated in an October 2005 interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that it would “probably not happen.” He continued, “It's almost like we sealed the lid and said, this is Soundgarden and this is its lifespan, and put it out there. And it looks really great to me. I think getting back together would take the lid off that and then could possibly change what... to me seems like the perfect lifespan of the band. I can't think of any reason to mess with that.”

Come Together (Beatles cover).mp3
Girl U Want (Devo cover).mp3
Stray Cat Blues (Rolling Stones cover).mp3
Can You See Me (Jimi Hendrix cover).mp3
Like a Suicide (acoustic).mp3


Hey! BTW, this is my 250th post!

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At 12:17 AM , Blogger Derek said...

I'm in Vancouver, Canada, but we get a lot of Seattle-area TV stations here. In the '80s and '90s Seattle's KING5 NBC affiliate had a very funny show preceding Saturday Night Live, called "Almost Live." Kim Thayil occasionally appeared as part of "Seattle's heavy metal community" for a recurring sketch called "The Lame List." And then Soundgarden got famous...

At 12:55 AM , Blogger chriscmanson said...

I love Rockpile. I just didn't have time to hit the Pizzeria yesterday.

Fine work as usual,

At 10:35 PM , Blogger Neiner said...

Thanks for the songs and congratulations on your 250th post!



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