Prince - Super Bowl XLI

I’ve got just a few minutes before I have to leave to get to work, but I wanted to beat the rush and get these live Prince songs up. I was completely wowed at his performance during the Super Bowl halftime show last night.

Later that same day...

I thought I'd clean this post up a little and add a couple of things. I waited patiently for someone to post these songs, but still didn't see them this morning. Then I decided, what the hell - I could just do it myself. Even though I don't usually deal much in breaking new music. Unanimously, everyone I've talked to and everything I've read have agreed: Prince kicked ass.

In addition to last night's Super Bowl performance, I've also tacked on Prince's "press conference," which I think happened Feb. 1. As a preview to his halftime show, Prince tears it up on a "Johnny B. Goode / Anotherloverholenyohead" medley. There's a little bit of a lag at the beginning of the clip between the time Prince is introduced and the time he takes the stage. But otherwise, it rocks.

Part 1: Intro; Let’s Go Crazy; Medley: Baby I’m A Star/Proud Mary/All Along the Watchtower/The Best of You (Foo Fighters cover).mp3
Part 2: Purple Rain.mp3

From the press conference: Johnny B. Goode / Anotherloverholenyohead.mp3


At 6:15 PM , Blogger Steve said...

Who needs bare nipples with Prince absolutely shredding the place with his guitars!

That was an awesome show yesterday. Better than the game itself.

At 9:25 PM , Blogger aikin said...

yeah, Steve - I absolutely agree. Prince rocked as hard as I've ever seen him.


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