No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll

I picked up this Alcatrazz debut album on the strength of Yngwie Malmsteen’s name and reputation. It’s been so long ago, I don’t remember how I knew Yngwie could shred, but somehow I knew.

Dubbed “the thinking man's heavy metal" by singer Graham Bonnet, I was somewhat disappointed by this band. The musicianship is virtuoso; the performances are all outstanding, but maybe I just preferred my rock dumbed down. To each his own, I suppose.

Bonnet, a one-time singer with Rainbow, formed Alcatrazz in 1983, recruiting Malmsteen, Gary Shea (bass), Jan Uvena (ex-Alice Cooper) on drums, and Jimmy Waldo (keyboards). Malmsteen split with the band after their second album to pursue a solo career. Bonnet quickly recruited another hotshot guitarist: Steve Vai. After Vai left, Bonnet became dispirited with the turnover and general lack of success and support. Alcatrazz called it quits in 1987, although Bonnet announced last year he intends to reform the band with new sidemen.

Today’s selections come from Alcatrazz’s debut, No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll. Rocshire Records released this disk in 1983. According to the band’s Wiki entry, the Rocshire albums were out-of-print until Grand Slamm! Records reissued them in 1991.

On a site called Heavy Harmonies, there are some interesting comments about this album:
-spaspecker: Good memories of this album. First time I ever heard Yngwie and what a belter. I played this album until the record was worn totally flat then used it as a frisbie [sic] for 14 years!!!
-Kyle: This one is a must for any other guitar fanatic!!! His first band here in America, Yngwie's playing was absolutely supurb [sic] (and he's even like that in concert). Graham Bonnet, as always, is fantastic (what ever happened to him?). I can't say I have a favorite song off of this album because they're all great!

Jet to Jet.mp3
Big Foot.mp3


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