Dance, Johnny, Dance

Here's some weird stuff I found on the 'net: On John Lydon’s Web site, he's posted some free, downloadable audio tracks. What's weird is it's not the sort of music I expected. Maybe I haven't kept up with the erstwhile Mr. Rotten's career, but I expected something a little more, maybe PiL, or some live stuff from the Pistols v2.0, or something. Instead, these are various dance mix things. He claims some of this was sampled without his permission, but he put them on his site just the same. What's intriguing to me about these tracks is hearing the same voice that once snarled, "I wanna be an anarchist," in a totally different context.

So give this stuff a listen. And check out Johnny's site. There are a couple of other similar tracks, some video clips, wallpapers, audio from Rotten Radio, and plenty of other interesting things.

Sun (live).mp3 Psycho's Path Tour: The Palace in Los Angeles, August 13th, 1997
PiL - Socialist v Britney / Madonna - Me Against The Music!.mp3 Mash up remix bootleg by Go Home Productions, who also did the Pistols v Madonna 'Ray of Gob' & 'Submusic' mash ups.
Blacksmoke Rising.mp3 Commercially unreleased Blacksmoke track featuring John Lydon on guest vocals (used without his knowledge or consent). Broadcast during a BBC Radio 1 'Breezeblock' session in September 2003.
Order of Death (Blair Witch Mix).mp3 A unique 1999 mix of 'Order of Death' featuring dialogue from the movie mixed into the track.
Rise (live).mp3 Psycho's Path Tour: The Palace in Los Angeles, August 13th, 1997


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