Doing That Old Cuban Slide

To me, Chrissie Hynde is one of the sexiest women around. Not only do I think she's somewhat attractive physically, but she has persevered through enormous obstacles to pursue her vision of a rock and roll band. That perseverence, that toughness, is what makes her so appealing.

The Pretenders originally formed in 1978. Chrissie, along with Pete Farndon, Martin Chambers, and James Honeyman-Scott, released a series of singles in '78 and '79, then released their self-titled debut in 1980.

The album I'm sampling today is sort of album number one-and-a-half for the Pretenders. "Originally released because of the heavy demand for new Pretenders music while the band was unable to get into the studio (due to their virtually non-stop touring), Extended Play allowed us a savoury taste of what was to come on the second album," according to the Pretenders Archives site. The five-song EP was released in March 1981 and includes the otherwise unavailable "Cuban Slide" and a live version of "Precious" (recorded in Central Park on August 30, 1980).

Original members Farndon and Honeyman-Scott died of drug overdoses in June 1982 and April 1983, respectively, just as The Pretenders were hitting their full stride. Chrissie has continued on, with mixed success, releasing a half-dozen new albums, along with various live and greatest hits compilations. Martin Chambers rejoined the band in 1993, and was with Chrissie last year when The Pretenders were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fittingly, she recognized the original band and commented, "We are a tribute band … We're paying tribute to James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon, without whom we would not have been here. On the other hand, without us they might have been here, but that's the way it works in rock 'n' roll."

Precious (live).mp3
Cuban Slide.mp3

I don't think The Pretenders have an actual Web site, but Chrissie does. And for more information, you can check the aforementioned Pretenders Archives, or check out Pretenders.org


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