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I hooked up on this Org Records sampler awhile ago. I’m not sure where it came from or how I landed it, but I ran across it recently while looking for something else, and thought I’d give it a spin to see if there was anything worth sharing.

The Organ is, well, it has a MySpace page that does a good job of descibing just what the Organ is and does:

“ORGAN is a creative type of music magazine that evolved out of a messy DIY fanzine back in the last century. We've been doing it longer than most and we'll be doing it long after most have sold out. Organ is for people who need to find the alternatives, underground music - it's always better down here in the dirt if you're prepared to make the effort and get involved rather than just be another consummer.....
We like to avoid pigeon holes - that's what real punk rock should be - for far too many now it's just an MTV fashion parade - time to take it back! Music and it's associated culture should not be under the thumb of the corporations, there is a different way... first you need to communicate. TAKE IT BACK FROM THOSE WHO THINK IT'S A BUSINESS OPTION!”

They also periodically issue sampler disks, which was my point. The one I have, “Organ Radio 18 - Diversions Are In Place,” features a pretty wide array of bands, ranging from emo-sounding stuff to straight up thrash metal. I picked a few I like, maybe you will too.

Where possible, I’ve attempted to add links for more information about the bands and purchasing their product. I also highly recommend you visit OrganArt.com, where music matters and they’ve been kissing big ugly sharks since 1986 (visit the site). There you will find tons of info on up-and coming, mostly UK bands. You can also learn how to subscribe to The Organ.

1) Sonic Assassins Set My Brain on Fire.mp3
2) Dog Fashion Disco Valley Girl Ventriloquist.mp3
Dog Fashion Disco info
3) Decimate In the Name of a God.mp3
Decimate info
4) Occupational Hazard Suicide Gene.mp3
5) Mirsie ’ash.mp3
Mirsie info (note: look for the “switch to english” button)
6) The Junket G101.mp3
The Junket info (note: I don’t think the band is together any longer; this is old info)
7) Kid Galahad Runaway Train.mp3
Kid Galahad info
8) The Hydromatics R.I.P R‘n R.mp3
Hydromatics info


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