Queen of Noise

Joan Jett kicks ass. She's been rocking for around 30 years, first with the Runaways, then leading the Blackhearts, and still remains not only relevent, but an icon to bands with members young enough to be her children. In some sense, you can look at the acts joining her on this year's Warped Tour as her children. Where would they be without her?

I've been listening to her Radio Revolution on Sirius Satellite Radio, and checking her out on the Warped Tour. My interest in Joan, never too far away anyway, has been rekindled. So - I thought I'd dig through the vinyl bins and see what I had to share.

As luck would have it, I've got a couple of disks from the Runaways and I also have Joan's second solo album. I don't have the Runaway's debut album (with Ch-ch-cherry bomb), but I do have their second and third, "Queens of Noise" (1977) and "Waitin' for the Night" (1977). The band released one other album in 1978, shortly before they broke up. And from her solo career, I have "Bad Reputation" (1981).

The songs I pulled from "Queens of Noise" both feature Joan on lead vocals, even though Cherie Currie was the main vocalist at the time. Cherie had left the band by the time "Waitin' for the Night" came out, so Joan had taken over primary vocals. I've included "You're Too Possessive," which would resurface on "I Love Rock 'N Roll." From "Bad Reputation," I've taken the title track, and "Don't Abuse Me," which features former Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook on guitar and drums.

Queens of Noise.mp3
I Love Playin’ With Fire.mp3
You’re Too Possessive.mp3
Gotta Get Out Tonight.mp3
Don’t Abuse Me.mp3
Bad Reputation.mp3

There has been some talk of a Runaways reunion, but so far, nothing has come together. Lita Ford several years ago put the kibosh on one possible reunion.

Both Joan and the Runaways have web sites, so check 'em out.


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