Aerosmith - "Rattlesnake Shake"

I laid hands on this early Aerosmith boot back in the 70s, while I was in high school. I remember seeing an ad in some magazine for “live recordings.” I hand wrote a letter, looking for Kiss bootlegs, even using the term “bootleg.” They apparently didn’t care; a couple of weeks later, a cheaply-crafted pamphlet arrived, detailing a bunch of albums I could get for the miserly sum of $5 each, or $10 for a double album. I bought some live Kiss stuff, a Rolling Stones disk (which I no longer own), and this Aerosmith recording. The album sleeve indicates this is a 1974 recording, but according to AerosmithBootlegs.com, this is actually from a 1973 show. That would make more sense, based on the set-list. It was probably recorded between October 9-11, 1973, at the Counterpart Creative Studios in Cincinnati. The sound quality, for as old as it is, is pretty decent.

Make It.mp3
Write Me A Letter.mp3
Dream On.mp3
One Way Street.mp3
Walkin’ the Dog.mp3
Pandora’s Box (Night In A Rut).mp3
Rattlesnake Shake.mp3
Train Kept A Rollin’.mp3
Mama Kin.mp3


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