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I gotta try to lighten the mood around here a little. That said, I'm reaching into my boxes of vinyl and serving up some dumb punk rock. I don't know whether these bands took themselves serious or not, but with names like The Mighty Sphincter, The Crucifucks, and the Impotent Sea Snakes, I don't think they were exactly looking to be statesmen.

The Mighty Sphincter released "The New Manson Family" LP in 1986 on Placebo Records. Although the sleeve states Alice Cooper produced the album, he probably did not. For the full story on The Mighty Sphincter, check out Atakra’s site. There is also a discography and links to buy Sphincter stuff.

The New Manson Family.mp3

Helter Skelter.mp3

The Impotent Sea Snakes originally come from right here in Florida, albiet up the road and across the state in Tampa. The band has members come and go, but is still led by a guy called 13. He characterizes ISS as "An "X-rated circus. The point is to entertain the audience, and the message is sexuality," he says. "It's an X-rated circus, whoever, whenever, whatever."
Check out the Snakes' Web site for latest information, live pix, and some vague biographical info. These songs are from their 1986 album "Too Cool for Rock & Roll."

Circle Jerk.mp3

I Wanna Fuck Your Dad.mp3

The Crucifucks issued their self-titled debut album in 1984 on Alternative Tentacles records. Alternative Tentacles being, of course, home to the Dead Kennedys. And like the DKs, the Crucifucks took a political stand with songs such as "Cops for Fertilizer" and "Hinckley Had a Vision." The band's violent political imagery attracted no end of controversy, such as a $2.2 million lawsuit brought against the 'fucks and their record label for "misappropriation" of a posed image of a Philadelphia police officer. The image showed the officer gunned down in the line of duty. The suit was dismissed in 1997.
The Alternative Tentacles site has the band's bio information.

Democracy Spawns Bad Taste.mp3


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