Loving You Monday Evening

Fidel Castro has ceded power to his brother Raul. The local news is atwitter at the idea Castro may have died and Cuba isn't telling us. So let's rock.

Got a few things from the mid-to-early 80s tonight. First is a live Scorpions recording, "Loving You Sunday Morning," from the first Monsters of Rock festival in August 1980. The festival was held annually at Castle Donington in England until 1996. Other countries have played host since then. Monsters of Rock was back in the UK this year for the first time in 10 years. Though we already missed the show, there are a couple of sites you can check to see what you missed so you can plan a little better next year: The UK site and a British efestival site. Meanwhile, enjoy some Scorps.

Loving You Sunday Morning.mp3

Next is something you don't see too often - a cover of an Osmonds song. Former Damned bassist Algy Ward formed Tank in the early 80s. The band drew comparisons to Motorhead, releasing a handful of albums before splitting up in 1988. They covered "Crazy Horses" on their second album, Power of the Hunter. The band recently reformed and are working on a new album. Check out their site, This Means War and check out their ultra heavy version of "Crazy Horses."

Crazy Horses.mp3

And where would we be on the eve of a Cuban revolution without a little hair metal? New York's Sweet Pain released their self-titled debut album in 1985, then promptly disappeared. Bassist Kelly Nickels moved onto bigger and better things with LA Guns (a pre-Guns "Shoot for Thrills" is on this album), guitarist Adrian Vance seems to have disappeared, vocalist Corky Gunn did some DJ-ing and other promotional stuff. According to his MySpace page, he is an "Ex glam/punk singer....ex mean ass road manager, (and) ex heavy partier (sic)." Ronnie Taz, Sweet Pain's drummer, was one of the founding members of Throb, New York's supposed answer to Guns 'n' Roses. Sleazegrinder has some great background info on Sweet Pain. And I had some pictures, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to upload them.

Knock Your Socks Off.mp3
I Get My Kicks.mp3

Jesus, they're running amok in the streets here at the idea of a Cuban regime change. I'm gonna pour myself a Mojito, watch from my balcony, and see if I can't book a flight to Cuba now.


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