Who's that? Girl.

Gotta rock this rare mid-week post. I'm flying out to California for a family emergency. Instead of packing and getting ready, I'm procrastinating and doing this.

Girl put out their "Sheer Greed" album in 1980. I think I picked it up when I visited England in '83 or '84, whenever I was there the first time (yeah, that's me - jaded world traveler). "Sheer Greed" was the first of six albums various incarnations of the band would release, and features a pre-L.A. Guns Phil Lewis on vocals, and a pre-Def Leppard Phil Collen on guitar. Other members were Simon and Gerry Laffy (bass and guitar, respectively) and drummer Dave Gaynor.

The band has a twisted and tangled history. Simon was Girl's bassist on their albums, though Mark Megary played for the band briefly. After Girl broke up, the Laffys formed a new band called Sheer Greed (just like the album), which featured guest spots by the other members of Girl. Band members came and went, band names came and went, the bands eventually broke up, the members went their separate ways, and here we are.

The Laffys are now in a band called Man-Raze, which is a side project of Collen's, and also features former Sex Pistol drummer Paul Cook.

Since I'm promoting Man-Raze (whatever the hell that is), I'll also give a shout to L.A. Guns, who are probably one of the coolest bands in the world. Visit their site, buy their records, and go to their shows!

Back to the subject at hand, I've got three songs from the Sheer Greed album: "Hollywood Tease," which L.A. Guns would later remake; a cover of Kiss' "Do You Love Me;" and a song I just think is cool, "The Things You Say."

Hollywood Tease.mp3

Do You Love Me.mp3

The Things You Say.mp3

AND - Youtube actually has a video for "Do You Love Me." Check that out.


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