Alice Cooper

Sorry about slacking with the posts. I’ve been busy with work and stuff (mainly and stuff). I’m bad at returning e-mails, too, so not only does my blog get neglected, my friends and family do as well.

So I’ve got some Alice Cooper. I had intended to tell you about his autobiography, “Me, Alice,” published in 1976, and suggest you read it. However, when I checked Amazon, I found the book for sale starting at $861.87. You read that right, eight hundred sixty-one dollars. For Alice Cooper’s autobiography. Not even signed. The book was in my high school library, fer chrissake. Check the alibris rare and out-of-print site to get the book for right around $500. And I couldn’t even find "Me, Alice" on e-bay. I knew I should have stolen it from my high school.

Anyway, there’s a story in the book about jelly donuts that’s almost, but not quite, worth the hundreds of dollars “Me, Alice” now costs. Instead of relating the story, I’ll suggest you check out Acid Logic’s Interesting Motherfuckers page. A synopsis of the donut story is at the bottom of the page.

For anything and everything else you might need to know about him, check out the official Alice Cooper Web site.

There's no reasoning behind the selection of these songs; I just took the records I had, picked what I liked, and, with the exception of "School's Out," tried to stay away from the stuff you hear all the time on commercial radio.

Lace and Whiskey.mp3
School’s Out.mp3
I Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills.mp3
I Never Cry.mp3
Generation Landslide.mp3
How You Gonna See Me Now.mp3
It’s Hot Tonight.mp3

I apologize for the cracks and pops on some of the tracks, but these disks are going on 30 years old. I got some of them used, and they weren't in the greatest shape then.


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