Happy Fourth!

More so than Memorial Day, the Fourth of July to me always has more of a summer feel. In years gone by, I’d often be on vacation now, rather than at the beginning of the summer. So, in keeping with that feeling, for today’s post, I’ve picked some music that, to me, is summer; stuff I listen to when I’m lazing poolside at the sprawling new Licorice Pizza manse, hidden high in the hills above Miami.

None of this music needs any explanation. The only comment I’m going to make is in regard to the Surf Punks. I’m sending this out to Jane, a crush I had in high school. She was a cheerleader, a real little surfer girl, and had actually met the Surf Punks!

Surf Punks Meet Me at the Beach.mp3

The Beach Boys Wouldn’t It Be Nice.mp3

The Beach Boys Surfer Girl.mp3

And, as the evening wears on and the adult BEvERages flow...

Sublime Badfish.mp3

Bob Marley Stir It Up.mp3


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