Old School Punk

The first of these two posts is by Gang Green, a Boston punk band. The song, a cover of the 'Til Tuesday hit, comes from their album Another Wasted Night (which is pretty much how I feel every Saturday morning, but that's another story). My best memory of this song comes from the girl I was dating when it came out. She got pissed because she loved 'Til Tuesday's version and I wouldn't stop playing this one. That should have been the first sign the relationship wasn't going to last.
Voices Carry

The next song (woohoo! a twofer!) is also a cover. A&M released Dawn of the Dickies in 1979. I was still in high school and I remember seeing The Dickies in a bizarre cameo on the Don Rickles sitcom CPO Sharkey. I went the next day and tracked down this album. The songs are all great, catchy punk-pop type stuff.
Nights In White Satin

*note for rock/spelling purists: the Dickies did spell "nights" with an N, not a KN


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