Resting in Obscurity

Apparently during the last move or three my turntable got smashed to hell. It still more or less works, but wow! The cover's cracked, the dust guard thing on the stylus is broken. I don't even know where to buy a new one. I'm sure that, being the Land of a Million DJs, Miami would be choice turntable-hunting area.

So, I've got a couple obscure tunes today, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I started this blog. The first is a cover of Your Cheating Heart, by Baby Buddha, from the band's 1981 album Music for Teenage Sex (Posh Boy Records). Baby Buddha, best as I can find, was a one-off project involving David Javelosa (aka David Microwave) of the San Francisco band Los Microwaves. A brief note on the Trouser Press website says about this disk, "Although portions are both funny and fun, too much of it is merely an overly weird in-joke."
Your Cheating Heart

The next obscure gem comes from The Rotters. I have no idea where or why I picked up this single (that's right, it's on an actual 45) but I've had it since I was in high school. The Rotters have a detailed band history on their website, so if you're interested, you can go there, rather than me recounting their long sordid story here. This song is the band's most notorius, and probably the only thing they're known for. "It had been written in about ten minutes as one of the worst songs possible while at the same time taking a stab at the big bucks rock world we hated so much," writes band leader Phester Swollen.
On a more personal note, I like to remember the Stevie Nicks of this song as the beautiful, Tusk-era Stevie, and not the weird witchy-woman of more recent years.
Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks


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