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Mötley Crüe’s new album, Saints of Los Angeles hit stores today. It’s the first album with all of the original members since 1997’s Generation Swine.

As part of the media blitz accompanying the release, the Crüe showed up last week on CNN’s Larry King Live. I’m here to tell you that was some riveting television. Larry came out swinging with questions like, “How did the tattooing start?” He would continue the hard-edged journalism well into the interview, later asking the band, “Are your tunes hummable?”

Interwoven through the interview were clips of Larry rocking out with the boys in the band, proving he’s just one of the guys. Hey Larry, lets get some blow and some Crüe sluts and meet back at your place!

I have actually heard most of the album and I like it. It harkens back to the Crüe’s glory days as sleazebag Sunset Blvd. rockers. The album more or less follows – or is loosely based on – the band’s 2001 memoir The Dirt. “A tale of dirty needles, damaged minds, music industry battles and a whole lotta sex,” as Nikki Sixx put it.

Mötley Crüe is kicking off Crüe Fest July 1 in West Palm Beach, Fla. For information on tour dates, you need to get yourself over to Motley.com.

Saints of Los Angeles (Gang Vocal).mp3

And here, from YouTube, is what has got to be one of Larry King’s greatest moments. Particularly, check out Part 3, where Mick Mars is giving Larry guitar lessons. Classic stuff.

Larry King interview Part 1
Larry King interview Part 2
Larry King interview Part 3
Larry King interview Part 4

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