Ramones - NYC '78 (part 2)

Even though just a couple of people took the time to thank me, I know a bunch of you stopped by to enjoy the Ramones post a couple of days ago. But since I’m nice like that, here – as promised – is Part 2.

At no extra charge, I also stumbled across an interview with Marky Ramone where he explained how the band decided to use the Ramone name, something I didn’t know before. “Paul McCartney used to call himself Paul Ramone when he checked into a hotel,” Marky told Punkbands.com. “So, Dee Dee said, ‘Hey, let’s call the band the Ramones’ ...simple. You know what I mean?”

NOTE: All files removed at request of copyright owner. Part One of this post was disappeared by my blog host....

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At 5:57 PM , Blogger melvinrussell said...

Thanks for the post. Loved the show. Dig the site, I'm a regular. Keep up the good work.

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