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One thing about seeming unclosing bars is the tendency to stay long past the time you should. Friday night continues well into Saturday and that feeling Motorhead once described as the “wrong side of another day.” All of that results in the occasional Saturday being good for nothing much beyond laying on the couch watching Comedy Central and napping. Which is what happened yesterday, hence no post.

What I had intended to post is some stuff from local punk band Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets. Last year, the Fleshrockets provided background music for a Money Talks porn shoot. Beyond that, and a definite DIY attitude, all I really know about the band is what’s on their MySpace: “They're a bunch of low life assholes with no respect for anything or anyone. They cannot be trusted. They'll drink all your beer, they'll smoke all your cigarettes, and they're always hanging out in the fucking parking lot. They can’t play surf worth a shit and they’ve even managed to make punk rock sound bad.”

What I like like like about the Fleshrockets is their sound. They’ve forgone the pop-punk formula so popular with the kids and radio programmers, instead going for the old-school sound that blurs the distinction between punk and garage, with the occasional slap of a surf bass thumping in the background.

I believe Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets are currently working on their debut release, Onward and Up Yours!, which should be out this year. The band also has a couple of upcoming shows in the Miami area and one up the road in Jacksonville. I encourage you to check them out if you’re within driving or hitch-hiking distance of either city.

June 14 – Churchill’s, Miami; 8 pm
June 28 – Flavour, Miami; 8 pm
July 5 – Doozer’s Pub, Jacksonville; 8 pm

Get Your Kicks.mp3
Fight for Free.mp3

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