Beaten with an Uglystick

Got a little more new, unsigned punk for you.

Los Angeles’ The Uglysticks are a great sounding trio that manage to combine the melodic sound of pop punk with a rough edge that will probably keep them out of Hot Topix.

“It's amazing how something as simple as five songs can restore someone’s faith in punk,” wrote Johnny Taint for Punk Rock Review. “It's emotional, energetic, powerful and was just what I needed to pull myself out of a serious case of robotically walking through the day. This demonstrates music's true power - the ability to kick your ass out of a rut and get you excited about life again.”

The Uglysticks are originally from Oahu, Hawaii. They relocated to California a couple of years ago and have played up and down the coast at various festivals, clubs, parties, etc. They’ve gone on hiatus, they’ve gone off hiatus, and they’ve released music you can have for free. “We like booze and punx,” they describe themselves. “We all have bad haircuts and are usually a little smelly. None of us want to have to spend our lives working at a shitty job, doing things we hate, for people we can't stand. Fuck that shit.”

A Couple Punk Kids.mp3
Fuck Work!.mp3

Go here to download The Uglysticks’ 14-track demo album released last year.

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