Beatles - Atlanta '65

I found this Beatles “recording of indeterminate origin” a while ago and was impressed by two things: First, the sound quality is almost at a professional level; and next, the fact that they tear through 10 songs in less than half an hour. I wasn’t sure if I was hearing the Beatles or the Ramones.

This recording comes from the Aug. 18, 1965, show at Atlanta Stadium in Atlanta, Ga., the third stop on the tour. Beatlemania was at its peak and the band was just coming off one of the most amazing concerts ever – the Shea Stadium show.

This is the last tour while the Beatles were still “moptops”; at the end of the year, they would release Rubber Soul and the music and band would start to take a new direction, showing new influences and growing up, as it were.

Almost four years ago I posted from a vinyl version of the Beatles at the Star Club, a recording from 1962, before they were the Beatles. I commented about the “the absolute rawness and pure unvarnished rock and roll energy” of the recording. Three years later, the Beatles were a worldwide phenomenon, but the live energy was still there. They tear through their set with a force and vitality we wouldn’t see from England for another decade.

Introduction – Paul Drew.mp3
Twist and Shout.mp3
She’s a Woman.mp3
I Feel Fine.mp3
Ticket to Ride.mp3
Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby.mp3
Can’t Buy Me Love.mp3
Baby’s In Black.mp3
I Wanna Be Your Man.mp3
I’m Down.mp3

unzip 'em all here.

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