‘Lick Your Lips Before Suicide’

For reasons I can’t quite describe, I love the Raveonettes. I have only one of their albums, but I’m always excited to hear them on the radio, and I was very excited to get this new song in my mailbox today.

I didn’t even want to check the blogosphere to see if “Suicide” had already been posted all over hell and halfway to My Old Kentucky Blog – I just wanted to listen to it myself and present it to my faithful few readers who maybe haven’t heard it yet.

“Suicide” is an advance track from the Raveonettes' upcoming album, In & Out of Control. The disk itself isn’t due in stores until October 6, but there’s nothing like creating an early buzz. I hate that the official description of the song calls it “a sugar-coated, 60’s-meets-shoegaze anthem.” Shoegaze to me means someone who’s too sad to even be emo. But I do like the idea of an updated, darkly sugar coated 60’s anthem. Think “Last Kiss,” redone not so long ago by Pearl Jam. There’s hit records in them thar tragedies!

The song itself is everything indefinable about why I love the Raveonettes: Sharon Foo’s understated voice; the fuzzed-out guitars; the simple and timeless rock ‘n’ roll – Velvet Underground by way of the Jesus and Mary Chain. Wait. Did I just define it there?

(Pay no mind to the teensy-tiny Vice Records promo at the end of the song – whattaya want for free?)

Here’s the full track list for In & Out of Control:
01. Bang!
02. Gone Forever
03. Last Dance
04. Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)
05. Heart Of Stone
06. Oh, I Buried You Today
07. Suicide
08. D.R.U.G.S.
09. Breaking Into Cars
10. Break Up Girls!
11. Wine

...and if you click over to the Raveonettes’ MySpace, you can get info on their tour, which formally starts at Lollapalooza in just a few days (and which, I should also note, carefully avoids Florida).

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