Care for some Death Cabaret?

Found something kind of interesting over the weekend. Well, actually, they found me. Australian band Rouge Foncé hit me up on MySpace, inviting me to check out their music. As a fan of both Australian rock and attractive women, I didn’t hesitate to see what’s doin’.

Rouge Foncé is a pretty recent addition to the Melbourne scene – they’ve only been together since June last year. Their music, especially live, is very compelling and listenable. One of the tracks I’m posting tonight has that definite Aussie feel to it: A raw energy behind a pop sensibility. At the same time Laura, Rouge Foncé’s singer, looks and sounds a bit like a chanteuse gone wrong. They describe themselves as “dark cabaret rock: a little bit burlesque, a little bit gypsy, and all sexy and stylish.” That kind of neatly sums up.

After gigging around Melbourne for a year, Rouge Foncé recently went back into the studio to re-record their demo, under the guidance of Brent Gray, who, if I’m not mistaken, has worked extensively with Silverchair. Those recordings have resulted in an EP, Retrograde Amusia, which should be out almost any time now. You can find most of the tracks streaming on the Rouge Foncé Website. There are also a few additional older songs there you can download. In contrast to some of the older songs, what I've heard of the stuff planned for the EP is closer in feel and sound to the way Rouge Foncé sound live. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing and hope I can find it over here.

Kittens, Science, and Punk Rock (live).mp3

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