'Oh No! Not You Again!'

Trying a new tack with my constantly overflowing mailbox, I thought I’d see if maybe I could separate out the good stuff in a timelier manner. It was that approach that found me tonight’s music.

The Heavy is a UK quartet whose music sounds at once familiar, while also sounding miles apart from so much else clogging the airwaves and Internet tubes lately. The Heavy has managed to fuse garage rock and funk into something that could have you playing air guitar to one song and lookin’ for someone to grind with to another. All the while, the music is raw; never that slick, Auto-Tune shite. As the band themselves describe it: “So dirty. So much weight. So much energy and laced with a soul that you just don't hear anymore.”

In a sort of unique promotional campaign, The Heavy are planning on issuing three singles leading up to the October release of their Jim Abbiss-produced sophomore disk, The House That Dirt Built. The first single, “Oh No! Not You Again!” – which features guest vocals from Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes – officially hit stores today.

Check this song out and see if you don’t agree it’s one of the coolest things you’ve heard in a while.

Oh No! Not You Again!.mp3

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At 7:11 PM , Blogger Michael said...

Fantastic, fun song.

Thanks for posting it.

I look forward to hearing the entire new album.


At 1:34 AM , Blogger rodsmine said...

Discoveries like this are why I read your blog! Thanks.


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