What's a Civet?

I found today’s music in a sort of unusual way. A few days ago, while skulking around the back corners of the Internet, I saw a link to “hot” female rockers. Of course I had to check it out.

I’m browsing the list and see a band called Civet, whose four members are all gorgeous. I’m like, wow! What’s this all about? A quick Google lead me to Civet’s MySpace, where I checked out the songs they have posted. One thing I can say – these ladies may be pretty, but they are also for real when it comes to their music.

They call themselves Femme Fatale Punk Rock and Civet descends from hard rockers such as L7, Girlschool, and the Distillers, with singer Liza Graves sounding, to my ears, a lot like Brody Dalle. As a matter of fact, Brody’s ex, Tim Armstrong, co-wrote “All I Want,” one of the tracks from Civet’s latest, Hell Hath No Fury.

Civet has been together a few years, coming out of the Long Beach and Orange County areas of Southern California. Along with Graves, the other ladies in the band are guitarist Suzi Homewrecker, bassist Jacqui Valentine, and drummer Roxie Darling. Hell Hath No Fury came out last September on Hellcat Records; it’s Civet’s first on that label and their third over-all, with their first two being issued on small labels.

Civet will be on the Warped Tour until July, when they head to Europe. If you get a chance to see them play live, do it. Until then, check out these songs – the title track from “Hell” and a couple of older things – and definitely get their album.

Hell Hath No Fury.mp3
I’m Gunna Gunna.mp3


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