Beretta Suicide

Got some more British rock for you this afternoon.

A fairly new band outta Leeds, Beretta Suicide draws from the best parts (loud, bloozy, guitar rock) of the 80’s-era Sunset Strip bands while leaving the worst parts (hairspray and make-up) where they belong.

There’s little information to be had about Beretta Suicide; all I can tell you is they are a five-piece composed of drummer Kidd Pert, Gazz Hunter and Ryan “Scarface” Earl on guitars, Joey “Wreckless” Kilkelly on bass, and singer Mickey Tyrany. As mentioned, they come from Leeds, where they’ve been together since last year. And, to the best of my knowledge, they are currently playing shows in and around Leeds while recording an EP.

Last month there was a little bit of a dust up on a Leeds music forum when someone suggested Beretta Suicide is the best new band in the area. “These guys rock the shit out of anything I have seen before,” the poster wrote, “they just came on stage [and] blew me away.”

That didn’t go over well with the forum regulars and eventually Mickey T. had his say, suggesting anyone with an issue come to the band’s next gig and talk to him about it. Beretta Suicide garnered a lot of hate in that particular thread, which ended up being locked by the forum mods. But any publicity is good publicity, as the saying goes. I’m sure anyone reading the forum that previously wasn’t aware of the band probably wanted to see what the fuss was about and took the time to seek them out. Which, in the end all plays to Beretta Suicide’s benefit.

I like this band and I like this song, which they’re giving away free via their MySpace. If you’re a fan of that genre known as “sleaze rock,” you’ll dig these guys, too. Just save yourself some trouble and don’t post about it on the Leeds Music Forum.

You’re So Gentle.mp3



At 4:50 PM , Blogger michael said...

hell yeah man. by the way i'm mickyT. if you need any more info just stick another comment up and i'll find a way of contacting you.

p.s. my band mates have banned me from leeds music forum :)


At 8:28 AM , Blogger michael said...

that aint good. about an hour after i wrote the last comment. i got a phone call telling me i'm out of the band


At 7:26 PM , Blogger aikin said...

wow, Micky - sorry to hear that.
Hope you're able to get with another band soon.
thanks for taking the time to comment here.
Drop me a note once you're back at it


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