Oh no, Ozzy!

Did anyone else happen to catch “The Osbournes Reloaded” last night?

Oh my God, what has happened to Ozzy? Ozzy Osbourne – the only Black Sabbath singer who mattered; the self-proclaimed Prince of Fuckin’ Darkness – now reduced to jumping around wearing tights in a Flashdance parody.

Their reality show was one thing: It showed a funny, human side to Ozzy and it was mostly tolerable. This new venture makes me think Ozzy could be a short step from squeezing into a white jump suit and booking Vegas.

If you didn’t see it, the show combined some skits (Ozzy and Sharon as foul-mouthed children) and some sort of a something where a girl was going to dump her boyfriend if he didn’t immediately propose. Of course he gave in and the happy couple was married on TV. Whee!

All this fun stirred up some controversy, naturally, and several stations refused to air the show or aired it later. One station in Milwaukee didn’t air “Reloaded” until just after 1 a.m.

I’m pretty sure that at this point Ozzy isn’t doing these things for the money. I just can’t figure what he’s doing or the logic behind appearing on an idiotic variety show. What would have been so wrong with advancing into elder metal statesman, a la Lemmy?

I’d be interested in hearing from any of you if you tuned in. Drop a comment and let me know what you thought. Meanwhile, here’s some classic Sabbath.


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At 7:32 PM , Blogger bob said...

no no no no no

At 7:49 PM , Blogger matt said...

My roommate was watching it... I put in earplugs to drown out the bad...
I over heard him laughing a couple times, but he's kinda dense, so...

At 5:46 PM , Blogger a Tart said...

oh lordy, I wish I had remembered it was on! I saw the youtube preview and my heart sank. Being a huge Ozzy fan for most of my adult/pre-teen life, and having once met the prince of darkness in an elevator (!) I can only say that age brings insanity. It must be the simple fact that living the good life, and I mean the cushy life of an aging star, the Hollywood life of having plenty of everything and not being on the road and not worrying about $ much really does change you. It's all a laugh now for him, isn't it?

so sad, so very sad, but can we blame him? We've created this monster just as much as we've created the other one.



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