Queen of the Cavemen

A couple of weeks ago, if you’ll recall, I posted some music by the Dutch band Queen Bee.

The ladies in that band have dropped me a couple of notes – including catching a mistake I made (oops! Turbonegro are not from Finland!). They also recommended a band that actually is Finnish.

The Micragirls are a guitar / organ / drums trio from Kuopio, Finland. The ladies – Mari, Kata, and Risu – draw their influences from 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s girl groups, and garage punk. The band formed in 2001, releasing singles and playing venues throughout Europe. In 2007, the Micragirls released their first full-length album, Feeling Dizzy, Honey?. That same year Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray invited the band to support Heavy Trash on their fall European tour.

I don’t think Feeling Dizzy, Honey? was released in the U.S., but I found it on eMusic. It’s truly a taste of garage-rock yumminess that hearkens back to the “Nuggets” releases and a classic garage compilation I used to have on cassette.

“The Micragirls are what trash-garage-punk-rockarolla is all about. Mean, nasty, filthy, inept and wild! They are armed with great tough songs full of bizarre tales of meaningless mayhem” – from the Micragirls’ MySpace.

The Micragirls are currently on tour in Europe and have a new single due out in June. If you like garage rock, punk rock, or just energetic, enthusiastic rock, you definitely need to give these songs a listen.

Queen of the Cavemen.mp3
Rockin’ Date.mp3



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