'B-Boys Makin' with the Freak Freak'

I found something a little bit cool the other day: A Website hosting remixes and some live and rare stuff from the Beastie Boys.

The site, BeastieMixes.com, is mostly about remixes, with what looks like daily updates and links to a cappella versions of Beastie songs that you can use to remix. Some sample things from the last couple of days:
(4-7-2009) 11:05 PM
DJ AK47 bringin' on the craziness with his two latest mixes. I'll give him one thing, he sure finds some great music to mix with the Beasties.
Ch-Check it out -vs- dZihan Kamien - After 7

(4-5-2009) 1 AM
Next up, MCScoobyT takin' it back to the old school again with three Check Your Head mixes. Takin' it back to 92' with:
Live At PJ's - Beastie Boys Are Play'n At My House f. Afrika Bambaataa
Stand Together - Stand Conjunto f. Cypress Hill
The Maestro - Red Maestro f. Redman
Although remixes are the site’s mainstay, there is also a good selection of Beastie Boys live recordings (some dating back to the early days); some rare tracks; and a few boots, too. And if you’re into doing the whole remix thing, you’ll also find some helpful resources linked from the site.

Bottom line, if you’re any sort of a Beastie Boys fan, you definitely need to check out BeastieMixes.com. Here are a couple of things I found there:

I’m Down (Beatles cover).mp3
Radio Radio (live-SNL).mp3 ~ with Elvis Costello
Lotta Cocaine (live-1994).mp3
Hey Ladies (DJ Strictnine Paranorm Remix).mp3

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