Miami's Best Local Albums - 2008

I know it was just a couple of weeks ago when I stood up in front of you good people and said, “Read my lips: No year-end lists from the Licorice Pizza blog!”

Well, let me qualify that statement. This Top 10 list isn’t from me. It’s actually from the local “alternative” paper, the New Times. I thought it was an interesting list and one that deserved a deeper look.

Despite my earlier promises, I’ve really paid minimal attention to the local music scene. There are a few punk bands I like, but I really hate reggaeton and club music, so I’ve ignored a lot of the stuff coming out of South Florida.

And it’s been my loss. As I went through the New Times list, I heard some really good music. Nothing on this list figures as the type of music I’ve become so used to thinking of as “Miami.” There are examples of everything from so-called indie or alternative, to soul, to rock. Dade County still has nothing on Austin, but, damnit, there is some decent music here. Finding it and paying attention to it will be on my list of New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not listing genres with these artists and bands. I want you to go in blind, like I did, and find something you like. All of these albums, except Rick Ross’, are available at eMusic. If you hear a song you like, buy the album. And support local music any way you can.

These are in no particular order.

11:59 (Blondie cover).mp3 ~ The Postmarks, from By the Numbers
Gallo Pinto.mp3 ~ Spam Allstars, from Introducing the Spam Allstars
Life as an Extra.mp3 ~ Jacob Jeffries Band, from Wonderful
Wendy.mp3 ~ Shawn Snyder, from Romantic’s Requiem
Catfish (Bob Dylan cover).mp3 ~ Albert Castiglia, from These Are the Days
Every Day (When Will You be Mine).mp3 ~ Hillary McRae, from Through These Walls
The Black Hole.mp3 ~ Rachel Goodrich, from Tinker Toys
Out Here Grindin’.mp3 ~ DJ Khaled, from We Global
I Want Cuba.mp3 ~ The New Planets, from We ‘R’ Us
Money Make Me Come.mp3 ~ Rick Ross, from Trilla



At 1:31 PM , Blogger Annie said...

Thanks for this post - I've been meaning to check out the local scene, too....


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