Devil Doll: Sexin' Up Your Music

If there’s one thing we can always use, it’s more sex in our rock ‘n’ roll. And if the erstwhile Colleen Duffy has her way, we’ll have it.

Duffy, who performs professionally as Devil Doll, has been a fixture in the rockabilly world for more than a decade, touring with bands such as Social Distortion and The Cramps.

Devil Doll got her start doing improvisational Elvis imitations for friends in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. That changed once she heard Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll.” Colleen decided the world of music “had not heard the truth since Joan Jett and Johnny Cash, and hadn't blushed since Mae West,” so she picked up a guitar and starting making her own music. That evolved into her fronting a few local bands, a five-year stint as host of WRUW’s “Rockability” radio show, and her participation in the founding of Hep Cat Records.

Before leaving Ohio for NYC in 2005, Devil Doll released her debut album, Queen of Pain. The album is – if there is such a thing – torch music for punks. The disk ranges from sultry jazz ballads such as “Bourbon In Your Eyes” to upbeat swing numbers like “Liquor Store.” Regardless of the tempo, Devil Doll’s songs all have a femme fatale feel to them; you’re not sure if she’ll still be at your table when you get back from the men’s. But if she is there, watch your back.

Tonight’s music is from Devil Doll’s debut, the previously mentioned Queen of Pain, which she released in 2003. You can get this album and her latest, The Return of Eve, from CD Baby.

You are the Best Thing.mp3
Liquor Store.mp3

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