December Musings

Coupla things:

I realize we’re sliding down that slippery slope towards Christmas and there are a lot of bloggers already posting up the holiday music. Even the radio has started in with some seasonal tuneage. I do intend to jump on the holiday bandwagon eventually, but in due time. I need to sort through what I have and see how I want to post it. It’s going to be at least mid-December before the Jingle Bells start to ring around here, though. Also, all of last year’s Xmas music links are dead: I want you to anticipate the new posts!

Nextly, in keeping with fine Licorice Pizza tradition, I will not be doing any end-of-year lists again this year. I thought about it and decided I couldn’t remember what came out this year and what came out the end of 2007. Besides, I’m sure I probably listened to a lot of stuff that came out years ago. Besides, as I’ve mentioned in the past, who gives a rat’s ass what my favorite record was? If you feel you need some closure to 2008 and can only get it through a list, LargeHearted Boy provides an excellent, constantly updated list of the “Best of 2008” books and music as chosen by my fellow bloggers.

Carry on.

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