Last Words from the Evil Queens

“Loud, messy, gin-soaked rock. No indie pretensions. No art damage. No Hessian fakery. No fucking around.”

That pretty much summed up the Evil Queens, a four-piece band from Columbus, Ohio, who officially called it semi-quits two months ago.

The Queens were borne out of the remains of Our Flesh Party, who had become fixtures on the Columbus bar scene by the time singer Jason Sundermeyer, guitarist Mike Eckhardt, and drummer George Hondroulis graduated high school. After recruiting former Behemoth guitarist Eric Hinterschied for four-string duty, the band hit the ground running in 2002 and self-released their self-titled debut concurrently to playing out for the first time. A second album, Dos, followed less than a year later. In 2005, the band released First It Boils, Then It Spills on the short-lived Addison Records, playing the CMJ Music Marathon and other dates out of town to widen their fan base.

The Queens’ latest – and possibly last – release, Love Song Werewolves, is classic bar band rock, from the opening riffs of “Means to an End” to the slurred lyrics of “German II.” It is, as the band says, “A baker’s dozen of fuzzballs entangled with pigcrap, stoner rock and grunge noise.” Love Song Werewolves has actually been out for about a year-and-a-half, even though I only recently got hold of it.

So, check out these couple of songs, which I’m pretty sure you’ll like. Once you’ve done that, you can go to the Evil Queens' Website to get more of their music. It’s for free, so you have no real excuse to not have it in your collection.

Love Song Werewolves.mp3
Bad Luck Charm.mp3

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