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This weekend seemed like a good time to clean out the Licorice Pizza mailbox. As daunting as that task seemed at first, it turned out it was mostly filled with the usual cheap Viagra ads and pleas from widowed South African heiresses. Once all that was deleted, I was able to sort through the good stuff and see what kind of new music I could check out.

Turns out there were a good variety of things; like usual something for most tastes. One of the most interesting finds was O’Death, a New York band that combines elements of bluegrass and jug band music to create something sort of creepy. A very interesting listen, though.

I was also pleased to see some new music from The Sword, who is currently out on tour with Metallica. This could be the exposure these guys need to break out.

Like always, follow the links for more info.

The Sword
Metal / Rock
From: Austin, Texas
Band MySpace
How Heavy This Axe.mp3

From: New York, NY
Band MySpace
He Was Gone.mp3

Art Whiplash
Electronica / Thrash
From: Paris, France
Band MySpace
Party, Sex, and Bullshit.mp3

Buffalo Drive
Healing & Easy Listening / Lyrical / Lounge
From: New York, NY
Band MySpace
Peter & George.mp3

J-Roddy Walston and the Business
Rock / Rock / Rock
From: Baltimore, Md.
Band MySpace
I Used to Did.mp3

Rock / Alternative
From: Austin, Texas
Band MySpace

Gothic / Country / Punk
From: New York, NY
Band MySpace

Alternative / Indie / Rock
From: Tunbridge Wells, London, and the southeast UK
Band MySpace
Get Out.mp3

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