"These are some friends of mine" (Blogroll update)

Since I’m trapped indoors by Tropical Storm Fay, this seems like a good opportunity to look through my blogroll, make sure everything’s current, and make updates as needed. There are also several sites I need to add because it’s been many, many months since the last update.

I’ve decided, too, to add a couple of new lists of sites I like and visit regularly, although they are not necessarily music-related. If you like ‘em, fine. If not, well, don’t click the links!

My first order of business is saying goodbye to a couple of sites I’ve had linked nearly since the beginning: María Magnética changed her site a couple of times, from English to Spanish, and has apparently shut it down for good.

Small Things Stupid Packages has not updated in a couple of months, and only sporadically in the weeks preceding that. I enjoyed his site, so it is with regret I remove that link.

Finally, and very sadly, I am de-linking Confessions of a Music Addict. Leah, the blog’s founder, moved to New York in June and no longer has the time to keep up her blog. I have long harbored a secret crush on the girls from Confessions of a Music Addict, so I was very sad to see them discontinue.

(NOTE: If any of the above-named blogs are continuing in any form, drop me a note, and I will be very happy to re-add you. I don’t want to do anyone wrong!)

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Now for the good news - some of the sites I’ve found and bookmarked over the last few months. So, in no particular order:

RockStar Journalist. “Music for short attention spans.” Recent posts include a video from The Pills, music from Jay Reatard, and some thoughts on the downsizing of Rolling Stone magazine.

Killed By Death Records. “This is NOT a record label.” An awesome collection of old punk 45s. Recent posts include music from Sudden Fun and London Zoo.

Troubled Souls Unite. A blog with a large variety of musical tastes, something I always like. Recent posts include thoughts on Dave Mathew’s fans, and the art of the tailgate party. Both accompanied by appropriate music.

Battle of the Midwestern Housewives. “A blog about music and other stuff but mainly music. We like music.” MOAR punk rock blogs! Yes! Recent posts feature music from Adolf and the Piss Artists, and some classic, must-have demos from Fear.

I Correct Myself, I Mean All the Time. I Correct Myself is a pretty new blog; I think they started in July. A Tart and Puppet Show (the responsible parties at I Correct Myself) have come out of the gate very strong and I really enjoy the music and the writing. Recent posts include music from Elvis Costello, the Replacements, and the Dead Milkmen.

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At 6:04 PM , Blogger a Tart said...

wow, thanks for the mention! I'm blushin over here... yep, we're just getting started, finding our feet and using you as inspiration, so thanks, you're very kind to notice! xoxoxo


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