Breakfast with the Mayor

I’m sure that for someone of my age, I spend way too much time on the MySpace. In my defense, though, I can say that I occasionally do things other than send messages and answer goofy surveys. I’m not going to lie – I do send messages and answer goofy surveys – but a good chunk of my MySpace time is spent bouncing from page to page and finding new music.

That brings us to tonight’s post. I was checking out some information on the Foxboro Hot Tubs and saw that one of their “friends” was a band called Breakfast with the Mayor. Like judging books by their covers, a band with an unusual name will grab my attention. And that’s just what Breakfast with the Mayor did.

BWTM is a relatively new “alternative / pop-punk” band from Los Angeles. Tanner Robison and Dennis Tseng got together in 2006 and began recording during their senior year in high school. After they recorded a few songs, they began playing live, eventually adding second guitarist Jeremy Uzzo and drummer Debbie Tray. Breakfast with the Mayor is currently featured on MTV U’s “Best Music on Campus” Web site.

For as young as they are, these guys are tight and have the sound down. If you're a fan of Blink 182 (BWTM even does an acoustic cover of "Feeling This") and similar sorts of bands, you'll doubtless dig them.

Breakfast with the Mayor are posting songs on their MySpace as they record them, but there’s no information about an album. Currently, they are unsigned.

Hotdog Fingers.mp3
Feeling This (Blink 182 cover).mp3

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