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Later tonight, a few miles up the Florida Turnpike (Boca Raton, to be exact), a trio of South Florida bands is going to be tearing it up.

The Gist, Groove Factor, and Trip Aces are playing Murphy’s Downtown Pub (36 SE 3rd St., in Boca). Admission at the door is only five dollars. Hard to beat that.

Trip Aces is a quartet out of Jupiter, Fla. They describe their sound as similar to a Lamborghini Diablo, although I would say it’s a little rougher around the edges, which is a good thing.

Groove Factor, from the general South Florida area, is a funky rock band with a little ska flavor thrown in for good measure. They started out as a jam band hosting open mic nights and playing various venues up and down the state.

The Gist is a quartet from Pompano Beach, not too far up the road from here. They’ve also been playing various clubs and bars around the area.

None of these bands are signed; they’re just out there playing and having good time. This is the kind of show that is fun – three great sounding bands at an excellent price. If you’re going to be in the Boca area tonight (the show starts at 10 pm), I recommend you check this one out. It's more than worth the price of admission.

Believe.mp3 The Gist
Drinking in a Porn Shop Parking Lot.mp3 Groove Factor

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