Countdown to Xmas - day 3

Christmas Eve Eve dinner is in the oven and there are no sports games on that I care about. Apparently local affiliates are not interested in airing either the Lakers / Knicks game or local whipping boys The Dolphins.

What’s left to do but to blog? And blog I will, as the Countdown to Xmas enters its third fabulous day with none other than Licorice Pizza guilty pleasure Christina Aguilera. I make no apologies for this and fully accept any criticism that is leveled at me. But again I say that any post featuring Christina consistently scores large on the “hit” meter, so I’m not the only closet listener!

Christina released My Kind of Christmas in October 2000, on the heels on her Spanish-language disk, Mi Reflejo. Both albums were recorded at more or less the same time and both sold well. One of the tracks from that album, “Merry Christmas Baby,” reentered the Billboard “Hot Ringtones Chart” this month. Whatever that tells you.

For those of you who want a little more meat in your holiday music, on the side tables you can find some Black Crowes, the Reverend Horton Heat, and a “Bizarre Christmas Incident” from the Ben Folds Five.

Remember, only one-and-a-half shopping days left....

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.mp3 Christina Aguilera
Merry Christmas, Baby.mp3 Christina Aguilera (featuring Dr. John)
Oh Holy Night.mp3 Christina Aguilera

Back Door Santa.mp3 the Black Crowes
We Three Kings.mp3 Reverend Horton Heat
Bizarre Christmas Incident.mp3 Ben Folds Five


Note: The above picture (the skyline, not Xtina) comes from the Worth 1000 Web site, where it was part of a Photoshop contest depicting snow in unlikely locales, such as Miami.



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